Our team is the driving force behind our commitment to excellence. With a foundation built on Accuracy, Passion, and Expertise, we’re here to ensure an extraordinary customer experience on every luxury custom home construction project. Our team’s dedication to self-performance means taking complete ownership of every project.


We pride ourselves on maintaining a sharp focus on accuracy, unwavering commitment to quality, and ensuring timeliness in every detail. Our dedication fosters an open and transparent communication with our clients, where your input and feedback are valued at every step of the construction process. We believe in a collaborative approach, where your vision becomes an integral part of our journey toward precision and excellence.

Welcome to the Baxter Builders Group family!

Building Contractor | Luxury High-End House Builder

Allison Cordice


Baxter Builders Group | Texas | California | Luxury Custom Home

Todd Reynolds


Building Contractor | Luxury High-End House Builder

James Leath


Baxter Builders Group | Custom Luxury Home Builder

Mike Faller


Luxury Custom Home Builder | Contractor CA & TX

Tommy Martinez


Luxury Custom Home Builder | Project Administrator CA & TX

Rachael Moon

Project Administrator